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i’m not sure when you jumped on the internet bandwagon, whether it was the late 90’s during the technology boom or just yesterday, but either way these icons from the late 90’s web design boom are sure to fetch a grin.

i was just having this conversation with some friends about this and back in the day in ’96 it seemed everyone wanted their hand in the web design industry. but let me digress for a second. people… if there’s one thing you’ve got to understand it’s this – listen carefully – there is “web design” and then there is “everything else”. just because you can make your own web page it does not make you a web designer. “web design” is an art, hence the word design. it does not imply just a hyperlink and an image and the fact that you can publish it on a web host somewhere. good web design is about usability, accessibility, compatibility and legibility. it creates an emotion – a response, promotes interaction, uses progressive technology improve speed and efficiency, all-in-all to enhance the end user experience.

anyways, back to the point, here are some classic throwback icons that well… never get old.

go ahead, feel the nostalgia:

» Animated GIFs Collection


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