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Now this is news worth sharing. I knew there was something I liked about Guinness other than it’s smooth, thick, full body, it’s Irish heritage, and it’s brilliant marketing! Well here it is — the beer widget. One of the best designed can’s in the world…

Coming from a news release from popular science from 2004, the Guinness beer widget was voted as the world’s greatest invention of the past 40 years.

According to an online poll conducted by the British technology magazine T3, the greatest invention of the past 40 years was the beer widget, the small ball filled with nitrogen that is designed to release the carbon dioxide dissolved in a can of Guinness beer, giving it a foamy head. The device, introduced in 1989, previously won the Queen’s Award for Technological Achievement.


No problem was as pressing, no challenge greater than creating a nice, creamy head atop a store-bought can of Guinness.

Link: World’s Greatest Invention – Popular Science


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