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tomorrow marks the next major design and technology milestone for microsoft — for it’s the day that they will release their windows vista into the wild. it’s been a long 5 years since the release of windows XP and a lot has changed in their new OS. but how fast will all these new features and new technology catch on? are people ready for it? are all the new features really worth the cost?

in my opinion i believe it’s time. people are ready for it. it has a been a long time coming and i think people are beginning to expect (and demand) a higher level of security, a higher level of usability, and a higher level of customizability all packaged in a lean mean aesthetically pleasing machine. (all valid expectations consumers should have). another reason (imho) apple has been able to chip away a bit of the end-user market share from microsoft over the past couple of years.

well… welcome windows vista. sure, there are a few hardware & software compatibility issues, a couple driver issues, and a higher level of system requirements than what we’re used to – but less we forget windows XP? these same issues plagued the release of windows XP as well and should not be of surprise. if you were outlining the specs of a next generation OS, would you design it based on 2-3 year old technology? certainly not, the goal should be pushing the envelope of current hardware and designing for the future. vista does this and more.

another part of the new way of thinking is how microsoft handled the kernel. we are seeing for the first time ever, microsoft rethinking how their OS runs in regards to security. the new vista kernel is a more clean and lean core, not allowing graphics instructions and non-vital operating information to pass through it, allowing for a MUCH more stable and secure operating system. the sacrifice? compatibility. initial software and hardware incompatibility is to be expected from this major of a change. soon to be resolved i’m sure, but again, not to come as a surprise.

windows vista is the next generation operating system, one that’s meant to last, one that’s meant to make major changes to how we use our computers. presumably, over the course of the next 6 months or so, a lot of the hardware, software, and driver issues will be resolved, the application support will only get stronger, and acceptance will broaden. so for now, take this opportunity to educate yourself on this new OS, the new interface and way it operates, for i’m sure the change is inevitable, it’s only a matter of time (& cost for most).

the real question though is… is everyone ready for it? check out the links below and see if you’re ready to make the jump.

personally, i can’t wait…

vista homepage
vista system requirements
vista upgrade advisor
vista feature comparison (product editions)
vista in-depth review
vista software compatibility list
vista hardware compatibility list
vista drivers

graphic design / marketing
vista dvd covers
vista interface
vista bus tour
vista user interface preview (video)
vista in pictures

purchasing advice –
Buying OEM versions of Windows Vista: the facts
Should I upgrade to Vista now or wait?


One Comment

  1. I can’t wait either, it will be an amazing upgrade from Windows XP and I can’t wait to see first hand what the new OS has to offer.

    Can Microsoft afford to leave such a large time scale between Operating Systems though? I think they’ll learn from that mistake.

    Danni – I,TheWritingWriter

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