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Thanks to jetlag for the heads up on this one. This has to be one of the strangest inventions of the year, but probably one of the most revolutionary in terms of new places for media to reach the masses. Coming from Innovation Lab, this new “transparant” concrete has fiber optic cable embedded in it allowing the light to pass through to the surface of the concrete. What an great way to “hide in plain sight” an advertisement and incorporate it into mainstream building technology. Whether this may cross the line between what is a publically acceptable form of advertisement has yet to be seen, but I’d imagine this may turn a few heads.

The screen consists of concrete with embedded optical fibres, arranged as pixels, capable of transmitting natural as well as artificial light. The light-admission points are on the back of the screen where the fibres are positioned. The light, or the picture, will then be displayed in pixels on the front. The light source can be a projector emitting either pictures or film footage. In principle, the screen is capable of acting as a window since – owing to the combination of the screen concept’s light-absorption and optical cables – it has a capacity for transmitting natural light…

…With the see-through concrete screen we are forced to rethink our ways of production and communication in an infinite number of situations. Maybe we will soon have the choice between paper-thin electronic screens and solid walls directly displaying the revenue-generating ads. Maybe aesthetic qualities will now be challenged by building components with properties beyond hitherto known levels of functionalism and aestheticism.

Watch the video:


One Comment

  1. Nice innovation indeed!
    Another great innovation in materials is the Transparent Concrete. Did you already see this? Anyway, the database has at least 10 great innovations using concrete.

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