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… is the tagline for OpenDNS, a new free DNS (Domain Name System) service that helps secure and speed up your internet. Have you noticed a long delay from when you type in the web address to when the web page is displayed? Well it could be your DNS. Have you noticed misspelled URL’s sending you to phishing sites or unwanted sites? Well OpenDNS can help. Typically what happens when you type in a URL (web address) like, the DNS looks up the number associated with that address and sends you there. You can think of it as a phonebook for the internet. If you’re not using OpenDNS, by default, you’re probably looking everything up with your Internet Service Provider’s (ISP’s) DNS system. Well with OpenDNS it bypasses your ISP’s DNS (which can be terribly slow at times) and speeds up your lookup time, while also providing extra security for those times where your fingers are faster than your eyes. Best of all it’s free. So go ahead… make your internet work better while providing a safer environment for surfing the web.

OpenDNS is a better DNS, free to all. OpenDNS uses its distributed network of DNS servers to speed up your Internet experience, increase reliability, improve security and make DNS smarter for users all over the world.”

Sounds complicated? It’s not, it’s just a matter of typing in (2) addresses into your router and/or computer. It’s as simple as that.

Curious? Need more info?

Want to get started? But need help?


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