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catchy catch-phrase isn’t it… it comes from LocalCooling a new app that helps manage your PC’s power settings to save energy. i’ve already touched on it once with “going green with your electronics” and thought it should get a bit more recognition.

i’m not one to jump on the global warming bandwagon, but one has to admit with so much evidence pointing towards the fact that we aren’t being as good to our planet as we could be. so it begs the question in what little ways can i (we) help reduce energy use.

well one way is reducing the uptime of your PC’s. with LocalCooling installed on your PC, you can control when the monitor turns off, when the hard drive spins down, and when (after n minutes of being idle) the PC shutsdown or hibernates. with it’s clean and simple “no-nonsense” readout – the user can keep a keen eye on how much they are saving. over the last month, i’ve saved over 120 KWh’s. that’s equivalent to around $7-8/mo. (~$90/yr.) savings depending on your average price of a KWh locally. so not only is it a great way to save energy, but save money as well. the best part about it all is that you don’t have to do a thing!

just imagine the possibilities if corporations took this app or similar principle in incorporating a healthier (more appropriate) power profile for their PC’s. the energy & cost savings would be enormous!

here’s a tip: my settings are to turn off my monitor every 10 minutes of idle time, spin down my hard drive after 30min. and shutdown my PC after 2 hours (this allows for quick bathroom breaks and 1 hour lunch’s without having to worry about your PC shutting off)

have you tried this app? if so post your results in the comments.


One Comment

  1. Looks interesting. I’ll give it a try. If it is as good as you say I’ll recomend it to my customers.

    I am not sure how reducing the electrical power used by your PC saves trees? Does your local utility burn wood?

    Like your site. I’ll explore it to see if there is other energy saving information.

    Birney Summers

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