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Ever wish you could re-live some moments from a vacation or from a special occasion? Or how about see a 3-dimensional representation of a place you’ve never been before? Well now you can! Take numerous photos of the surroundings then bring them home and organize them (or rather let this software organize them for you) with photosynth. Or if you wish enter keywords into flickr and pull from a community of photographs to visualize places and things. Microsoft’s Photosynth brings a whole new social dynamic to photographs.

Microsoft’s new technology (powered by in part by Seadragon & DirectX implementing the new Windows Media Photo format) actually recognizes similarities in different photos and then ‘stitchs’ an actual 3-dimensional representation of the place. Not only that but photosynth also allows you to browse actual high-resolution images in a fast, easy, intuitive manner without having to wait ages for high-definition images to load.

Check out the tech preview:
Microsoft Photosynth

Photosynth, a new technology from Microsoft Live Labs that takes a large collection of photos of a place or an object, analyzes them for similarities, and displays them in a reconstructed three-dimensional space.We’ve assembled a few collections for you to play with, and we’re working on adding more. In the future you’ll be able to “photosynthesize” your own photos, but we aren’t there yet.

Microsoft Photosynth

Microsoft Photosynth Index


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