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Finally, a decent defrag tool that doesn’t cost an arm & a leg. From the makers of CCleaner & Recuva, a file system cleaner and a file recovery tool respectively, comes a freeware app for defragmenting your hard drive called Defraggler. Not familiar with defragmenting? If you run Windows you should be. Defragmenting is the process in which all the file fragments cluttered about your hard drive are reorganized to keep the fragments in the same area of the hard drive and attempts to create one fragment per file thus reducing the seek time on your hard drive. The result? A faster response when you open applications and files. Faster everything. Typically good defragmenting tools cost $50 or more if you want a good commercial grade defrag application. It’s about time someone made a decent freeware app. The people over Piriform have done it again — this one’s going to be popular for sure!


Piriform Ltd.

Defraggler Screenshot

Want a fully automatic, easy to use, fast, low overhead, freeware alternative?
Try JkDefrag!


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