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I’ve gotten a lot of requests for my exam study guide on the types of questions they ask on the LEED 2.2 exam, so I’ve compiled a list of resources that most benefited me.

First of all there’s prospero’s exam notes:

These are probably the best pages to study on the USGBC website:

Test Specifications & Sample Questions:
CIR Guidelines:
Guidance on Innovation & Design (ID) Credits:
Certification & Documentation Process:
Certification Process specific to LEED-NC:
Registration Process:
LEED for New Construction:

ARE forum is a great place to ask questions and get answers:

Other online resources:

GBCI [] []
University of Florida []
LEED education []
Flashcards []
LEED source []

A great summary table for 2.2 credits, intents, requirements, strategies, submittals, phase, etc.

*Update – 12/9/08: Please compare ALL NOTES with the latest errata to be sure it’s accurate, this data is now from 1+ year ago

For the latest errata, please check

Version 2.2, 2nd Edition Errata Sheet (PDF)
Project teams are subject to errata requirements based on registration date.

Version 2.2, 3rd Edition Errata Sheet (PDF)
Project teams are subject to errata requirements based on registration date



  1. Thank You for posting these resources. It looks like a lot of valuable information I can use to get ready for the exam. HH

  2. Dear All,
    this site looks very good and informative,
    I’m sure can be great help for me

  3. Thank you for the work in posting these resources. Is it possible to get a pdf of the exam notes and summary tables? I am not an architect and do not have access to Areform.


  4. Apparently if you have already passed the test you have an option to upgrade so to speak.
    I am schedule for next week but my friend has helped me with studying and says with this resource its
    fairly easy . I will be attending the courses next week which will definitely help me pass.
    Clean Edison Training Centers is a great resource. I might sign up for private tutoring depending
    on how the course if I dont pass I can retake it free of charge.

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