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So today I got a postcard in the mail for “The Autodesk Experience Tour” coming to select cities across the US & Canada over the next month. The dates range from April 22nd to June 26nd. Now the question becomes, why have a “launch” tour of the 2009 software if it has not yet been released?

My prediction: We’ll see the 2009 software rolled out before the end of April… possibly on or before the 22nd.

Now I have no other information other than pure speculation based upon this postcard. But it makes sense to me that you’d want to launch the software, then tour and showcase it. At least that’s what Microsoft does.

Anyhow, even if it’s not released until June, you should still sign up and register for the city closest to you to check out the new 2009 software suite (3ds Max Design 2009, Revit Architecture 2009, AutoCAD Architecture 2009, etc)… also a good networking event:

Experience your designs before they’re real: walk through buildings, open doors, and simulate real-world scenarios within an integrated 3D building information model with Revit® Architecture 2009 and design visualization with 3ds Max Design 2009. Also find out more about AutoCAD® Architecture, the version of AutoCAD® software created just for architects.

At this information-packed event, you’ll learn how to:

* Create more accurate, reliable designs
* Communicate more effectively between consultants and clients
* Improve coordination and collaboration to better manage complex designs
* Generate photorealistic renders of your designs

Learn more at:
The Autodesk Experience Tour


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