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The A5 is to debut next month at the Geneva Motor Show and already the official pictures of the Audi A5 have surfaced on the internet. Always at the pinnacle of German auto design Audi’s A5 is absolutely stunning. Going after the BMW 3-series and Infiniti G35 with this beaut, Audi has finally garnished up a car that’s sure to turn heads, whether or not it will turn hearts, well we’ll just have to wait and see.

The A5 will be well-equipped with a 4.2L V8, six-speed auto & manual transmissions and will incorporate a DSG gearbox, called the S-tronic. Unlike current Audi models which hang their engines forward of the front axle, the A5 will put its V8 directly over the front axle center line. This will give the A5 better balance allowing Audi to meet pedestrian crash safety standards without resorting to unconventional front end designs. Also rumored is a cabriolet version of the A5 supposedly coming about a year after the coupe’s 2007 U.S. launch.

Check out the high-resolution images for more views of the new Audi A5.

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