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Just a couple weeks ago the GBCI announced the final deadline to register for the LEED 2.2 exam.

Now is an excellent time to get this done as the construction industry slows down, there’s a huge opportunity with the new stimulus package that is pending to green government buildings. Whether it’s schools, or infrastructure, health-care, etc. There’s a good chance that these new government projects are going to be green.

Be sure to take the exam now while there are lots of resources for study material out there. Here’s your chance to stand out in the crowd. Here is a previous post with an excellent list of what to study:

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Deadline for LEED NC and LEED CI Exam Registration March 31, 2009

Deadline for LEED NC and LEED CI Exam Registration March 31, 2009

(WASHINGTON – JANUARY 29, 2009) – March 31, 2009 will be the last date that candidates will be able to register for the current LEED for New Construction (NC) v2.2 and LEED for Commercial Interiors (CI) v 2.0 LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP) credentialing exams. As part of the changes to the accreditation process announced at the end of 2008 the LEED NC designation will be replaced with the LEED Building Design and Construction (BD&C) designation and the LEED CI designation will be replaced by LEED Interior Design and Construction (ID&C). Read the FAQs for more information about these changes. In order to maintain alignment with the new LEED 2009 Ratings System for BD&C and ID&C, new exam registrations will not be accepted by GBCI to take the current LEED CI and LEED NC exams after March 31, 2009 (11:59 PM, Eastern Time). Prometric’s scheduling and rescheduling services for the current LEED NC and LEED CI version 2.0 AP exam registrations will still be available after the March 31, 2009 registration deadline with more specific information to announced later in 2009.

About GBCI
GBCI was created to administer certification and credentialing programs related to green building practice and to ensure that the LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP) program continues to be developed in accordance with best practices for credentialing programs. To underscore this commitment, GBCI will undergo the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accreditation process for personnel certification agencies complying with International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Standard 17024. Beginning in 2009, GBCI will begin administering the LEED certification process for buildings. For more information, please visit


News came last month of Autodesk in the process of acquiring Green Building Studio, an energy modeling application used in conjunction with Revit to perform energy analysis modeling.  Hopefully the acquisition will better implement GBS’s energy modeling tools into Revit making energy modeling more mainstream.  Ideally as architects we should be thinking more and more about energy modeling as part of our design process, as it will become more and more important in the years to come.  Let’s just hope they continue developing the application as while it’s a great tool now, it still has a ways to go.  But my hat goes off to Autodesk for investing in a strong sustainable design application in efforts to get it into the mainstream.

Synergies Benefit Carbon Neutral Design
After nearly 10 years of market changing innovation, Green Building Studio is delighted to announce we have signed an agreement for Autodesk, Inc. to acquire our assets. In other words, our Green Building Studio (GBS) web service will soon join the Autodesk product family. Please be assured that our talented team will continue to sell software and train and support architects as they use our web service to design carbon neutral buildings today and in the future.

“Autodesk is committed to providing technology that makes sustainable design easier and more efficient,” said Jay Bhatt, senior vice president, Autodesk AEC Solutions. “We look forward to adding the Green Building Studio technologies to the Autodesk portfolio and helping our customers more easily leverage the coordinated, reliable data created in the Revit® platform for building information modeling (BIM) to help predict performance and design buildings with reduced environmental impact.”

After closing this deal, Autodesk also plans to continue support for the Green Building Studio web service, carbon neutral building design training, and to strengthen the web service’s integration with its BIM software. The gbXML schema will remain an open industry standard, and the GBS web service will continue to be available to any other BIM software.

“We have partnered with Autodesk for many years, and commend their ongoing support for sustainability,” said John Kennedy, President & CTO, Green Building Studio. “We are eager to contribute our industry expertise in green buildings to drive mainstream adoption of sustainability and accelerate the AEC industry’s transition to carbon neutral buildings.”

We expect to finalize the acquisition in the next few months. In the meanwhile, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

[ Green Building Studio: Press Release ]

I’ve gotten a lot of requests for my exam study guide on the types of questions they ask on the LEED 2.2 exam, so I’ve compiled a list of resources that most benefited me.

First of all there’s prospero’s exam notes:

These are probably the best pages to study on the USGBC website:

Test Specifications & Sample Questions:
CIR Guidelines:
Guidance on Innovation & Design (ID) Credits:
Certification & Documentation Process:
Certification Process specific to LEED-NC:
Registration Process:
LEED for New Construction:

ARE forum is a great place to ask questions and get answers:

Other online resources:

GBCI [] []
University of Florida []
LEED education []
Flashcards []
LEED source []

A great summary table for 2.2 credits, intents, requirements, strategies, submittals, phase, etc.

*Update – 12/9/08: Please compare ALL NOTES with the latest errata to be sure it’s accurate, this data is now from 1+ year ago

For the latest errata, please check

Version 2.2, 2nd Edition Errata Sheet (PDF)
Project teams are subject to errata requirements based on registration date.

Version 2.2, 3rd Edition Errata Sheet (PDF)
Project teams are subject to errata requirements based on registration date

USGBC MemberI’ve always been concerned and aware of the consequences our buildings have on our environment, but never taken the time to really study it. Well during the last 2 weeks or so I’ve sat down and studied. Monday was a great day as I passed the latest version of the LEED-NC exam. I can now say I am a LEED accredited professional, qualified to guide clients through the LEED process if they choose to pursue certification, and better equipped to implement sustainable initiatives into all of my projects.

So if you are planning on taking the LEED-NC 2.2 exam anytime soon, let me know I have put together a good collection of notes about the exam (from what I can remember) that I jotted down the day of the exam.

LEED – Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design

LEED information:

Fun facts for today:
Buildings use 1/3 of all the nation’s energy
Buildings use 2/3 of all the nation’s electricity
Buildings use 1/8 of all the nation’s water.