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With the introduction of a new pricing scheme over at iTunes today (now $1.29 for popular songs, $.99, and $.69 songs) I thought it was worth mentioning the new  For just .79 or .89 cents you can BUY DRM-free music (256-Kbps bit rate mp3), that’s about .40 cents less expensive the Apple iTunes.  In addition to that you can stream your music for free wherever you are with just a simple internet connection and a web browser, no need to carry your music collection around with you.


Play over 6 million songs for free
Play any song or album once for free. No ads or clutter, all legally licensed.
Play your music anywhere
Lal a matches the songs on your computer to our catalog, and adds them for free to your online collection. Quick and easy.
Buy new music
Add new music to your online collection as you go. Get the web song (unlimited online plays) for 10 cents, or the MP3 download for 79 cents more.

Top 3 features that brings to the table that other music giants don’t have.

  • Feature #1: Full previews.  Brilliant idea.  Why NOT let the people listen before they buy?
  • Feature #2: Web songs.  Think of it as licensing rights to only listen to your music online.  With the likes of Last.FM and Pandora being huge among music fans, why NOT give the people an incentive to play the music THEY want to stream to their headsets.  Another brilliant idea.
  • Feature #3: Online Audio Storage & Playback.  Give the people the right to stream music and play music they already own.  Another great idea.  Let’s just hope by letting people do this for free, that in turn people will buy some music from them to support all this bandwidth!


Other features include the ability to post your 4 favorite songs at the moment (music forecast) to share your listening tastes with other listeners on  Think of it like twitter for tunes.  You can also embed or share your albums on websites or blogs.

In the mood for something different?  Something done right, that’s cost-efficient and customizable to YOUR listening needs no matter where you are?  Try

You can get 50 web songs for FREE when you sign up.